Research Interests

My background in ecology and evolution has strongly influenced my research interests. The broad questions on processes and interactions within evolutionary systems are what interest me most. Modern high-throughput sequencing is an excellent tool to explore natural variation since it provides unparalleled resolution into the evolutionary process. While my undergraduate studies focused on organismal evolution and ecology, my postgraduate studies sparked my interest in investigating the evolutionary process on a microscopic scale. My postgraduate experience has provided me insight into evolution within an organism when looking at the genesis and evolution of cancer within a patient.

My research interests are now also underpinned by my enjoyment for writing software and creating tools for others to use. This has involved the sole development of, and contribution to, many internal and external pipelines, tools and platforms within the field of bioinformatics.


AU2016903841 & US20190267114A1. Gayevskiy, V. & Cowley, M.J (2017-ongoing). Device for presenting sequencing data. Google Patents: Link | PDF

Publications (* Indicates first authorship)

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2016 - AGTA Conference Poster

2015 - AGTA Conference Poster

2014 - NZMEC Symposium Talk

2014 - NZ Phylogenomics Meeting Talk

2011 - Romeo Bragato Conference Talk

2010 - New Zealand Microbiological Society (NZMS) Conference Talk


2017 - Taught the sections on cancer genomics, bioinformatics for clinicians, introduction to Seave and copy number/structural variants at the Clinical Genomics Workshop hosted by the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics in Hong Kong. Ran two practical workshop sessions on using Seave to diagnose patients with rare disease and validate variants using IGV.

2016 - Taught the copy number variation and variant filtration sections of the Cancer Genomics Workshop hosted by BioPlatforms Australia in Melbourne.

2015 - Taught the copy number variation and variant filtration sections of the Cancer Genomics Workshop hosted by BioPlatforms Australia in Canberra.

2015 - Short talk on Seave at the Clinical Genomics workshop hosted at the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics.