Launched April 2021

I created, own and operate, a document creation platform based on LaTeX templates. Each template is parameterized to only accept specific information, which users supply via web form, spreadsheet or API. It enables the production of consistent high quality documents, primarily for commercial use. No knowledge of LaTeX is required to use it.

Creodocs came about as a natural extension of LaTeX Templates and LaTeX Typesetting. Over the years, I became very familiar with the document quality and flexibility that LaTeX affords, but the large hurdle of actually installing, learning and using LaTeX remained, precluding its use for the vast majority of people. I would regularly have clients interested in using LaTeX to automate document production, and this would invariably involve using their own custom scripts with custom replacement of dynamic document content. I decided to create Creodocs to make LaTeX more accessible to a wider audience, and provide a standard way for businesses to automate document production using LaTeX.

Seave Variant Filtration Platform

Launched 2015, Published 2018

Following my employment at the Garvan Institute, I took it upon myself to develop a variant filtration platform for use in clinical genomics. This platform came to be called Seave and is in use by researchers, clinicians, within clinical trials and commercially for diagnostics. It was only available to internal staff and collaborators between 2015 and 2018, when it was open sourced and published.

LaTeX Typesetting

Launched September 2013

I created, own and operate, which is the service counterpart to

Many users do not have the advanced skills in LaTeX required to successfully modify a template to suit their unique requirements. Some users have an existing document in another format that they need converted to LaTeX but lack the skills or time to do it themselves. The purpose of LaTeX Typesetting is to provide a fast, knowledgeable and friendly service for anyone wishing to utilize the power of LaTeX.

LaTeX Templates

Launched April 2012

I created, own and operate, which provides easy to use templates for use in the document preparation system LaTeX.

I became interested in LaTeX during the start of my graduate degree but was frustrated that there seemed to be no central resource for templates that I could use to learn LaTeX in a hands-on way and get quick results. This prompted me to create a LaTeX Templates page on the original website which was around for several years and gained a steady flow of visitors. Eventually I decided that this area deserved better treatment so I created the website in its current form.

The website has been created with two main principles in mind: design and ease of use. I have long been interested in design and aesthetics but this website was my first exercise in graphics design. I learned a great deal from creating it which I have applied in other aspects of my personal and professional life - such as in the presentations I give. Ease of use was an important driver in the design choices I made, I believe that the website needs to be simple, clean and efficient with providing templates. No one wants to spend a long time navigating a complex website which is invariably designed to maximise advertising revenue. Similarly, the templates themselves are significantly modified to make them easy for users to edit.